Werner Trotter


Werner Trotter was born in Boeblingen, Southern Germany and educated as a color lithographer in Stuttgart.  He studied graphic design at the Merz Academy Stuttgart, Meisterschueler, with focus on graphic design, photography, painting and print making.  Collaborated over several years with artist Bernd Haussmann. Together founded a painting studio and printing workshop.

“My experiences and challenges as a graphic designer, my independent work as a draftsman and painter as well as my continuous interest in contemporary art, including the paintings of Bernd Haussmann, have certainly shaped my view. . .  The camera has become my tool of choice. . . With the distance of the photographic lens and the closeness of my artistic intent.“



purple paint with rust spots yellow paint with rust spots white paint splatter on green background large blue paint circle with green accents black paint brush strokes on white background orange background with two rust gashes blue background with multiple rust spots red and gray puckered paint white background with green paint accents and rust gashes large rust areas on white background red paint accents on white background orange accents on white background blue spot with green accents